Harry’s Dolce- London

If you’re in need of a nice, but not too nice lunch break between major shopping destinations, look no further than Harry’s Dolce well-situated just behind Harrod’s. The sidewalk tables offer excellent people watching as the schmaciest of cars come to valet at Harrod’s. Also, well placed is the Moet champagne bar within Harrod’s just across the street. After a quick visit, it inspired me to continue with champagne.

While no bread comes with table, I secured a bread selection to accompany my buratta Caprese salad. I also elected to try the truffled arancini which were absolute bar food perfection.

As I waited for my dessert I took both an espresso and the homemade limoncello which was briallantly served over crushed ice, for a melty, slightly crunchy tart limoncello experience.

Finally, I’d have dessert in the restaurant as it was one of the key reasons for my reservation- “the toadstool.” What a fun, joyful masterpiece totally out of sync with the highbrow restaurant interior and surrounding neighborhood. I loved everything about the juxtaposition. The base of the toadstool was a gorgeous vanilla bean gelato topped with a meringue mushroom hat. Nestled into a bed of cookie crumbs and topped off with a warm pistachio sauce. How lovely that a show-off dessert wasn’t chocolate!

Get ready to see Harry’s in the regular rotation of London content. It really is the best of everything which makes me wonder why the one in Venice was closed.



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