Radio Rooftop- London

After a very rainy walk from the hotel and a an hour or so in the Cortauld Gallery for the first time (amazing) I ducked into the ME Hotel London for a spot of lunch at Radio Rooftop.

The main hotel lobby is a true interior design thing of beauty.

As one of the first lunch patrons, I was kindly seated by the window although it failed to provide much of a view thanks to the very London day.

I was absolutely starving and ordered the pane con tomate to start. This messaged failed to resonate with my waitress who a bit confused by my order in general. She brought this with my lunch and I’m sure it had been sitting for some time as the tomatoes had fully permeated the bread, making it very soggy. It also lacked the flaky sea salt that often sets this combination off right. The whole dish was a disappointing mess.

The main was crab salad with a side of fries. The portion was right for one, even if it was a sharing appetizer. Overall, I’d say it was fine, but not worth ordering.

I’ve been to Radio previously and had similar sentiments. You don’t go for the food, you go for the view which didn’t exist this day. Definitely skip this one if it’s going to be a rainy London day. You can have bad food or a bad view, but generally not both.



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