The Barbary- London

On my list for some time after stumbling across it accidentally then continuing to read about it online thereafter, I was determined to dine for myself this trip. I took their website’s advice since I couldn’t make a reservation for one and waited the estimated 30 minutes for a seat for one. With just maybe 40 seats in a U-shape around a small open kitchen, the hustling crew was impressively professional and organized in such a small space, attending to all the guests at seemingly the same time. It seemed to make for many a fun date night.

While I could have sampled honestly the entire menu, I had to make some tough decisions. Who knew the cuisine of the Barbary coast would speak my language in terms of fresh dips, grilled everything, and a bit of spice. First up was the fresh pita bread and a yogurt dip with spinach and garlic, topped with pistachios for a nice crunch.

I also tried the Moroccan cigars (or something to that effect) of crispy pastry filled with white fish. They were nice, but two of these were too many for one lady.

After my waiter insisted the cauliflower was the number one seller on the menu, I had to try that. Grilled and atop a yogurt dip, it was fine, but my least favorite dish of the evening. Some times you’ve got to go with your gut, and that gut is often not cauliflower.

Finally, I ended with two small grilled lamb chops which came with a bright tumeric sauce drizzle. Very nice, but I’d probably try another dish next go, which I plan to make next stayover in London.

If you’re into small plates, great food and a fun atmosphere, and funky organic wines, The Barbary slays.



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