Hotel Indigo- Edinburgh

Company spending pressures combined with the needing to stay near Waverly station found myself at the Hotel Indigo for a few nights during my recent work trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially being situated among a lot of construction even continuing on during a 10PM arrival.

Surprise, surprise, the place was absolutely delightful! Touches of literary notes (literally) adorned the hotel throughout and in the most charmingly unexpected ways. I didn’t even notice that my room number was a book until the next day. Darling! How many people miss this, I wonder, I nearly did.

The room was decorated in such a cute way, like sleeping in the coolest library, among the stacks. The bed was an absolute cloud and haven after long work days in the foreign office.

Really loved the commitment to the theme.

The room was rather large and featured both a desk and a sitting chair and table, the perfect nook for banding broken toes.

Upon further inspection, the footrest was a pile of Children’s Encyclopedia Britanicas. I wondered where all of those went. Design hotel furniture, of course.

The room also came with fresh water and snacks daily, including these nostalgic caramel bars.

While the bath was an awkward angle around the toilet and vanity, but that’s old Edinburgh for you, the shower was more than ample and it was all very clean.

Hotel Indigo delighted and surprised me and I’ll definitely be returning for future stays. Maybe next time, I’ll even bring my own book.



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