La Caravella- Venice

While I had a reservation already booked for La Caravella my final night, I was wandering the neighborhood the night before, people watching and sneaking into a few shops as the merchants were closing up for the day. That’s how I found myself awkwardly perched on an uncomfortable bar stool in the high traffic area of La Caravella bar. Chatting up a drunk Dominican woman next to me, she insist I make the barman create a pina colada for me. Um… probably not in the Caribbean and certainly not in Venice. She was funny, but her incessant chatter had me asking the tuxedo-clad maitre’d if maybe there was room for one on a bustling Saturday night. Great news- there was!

I brought my Franciacorta to the table and was created with a massive bread basket and amuse bouche of fish over a veggie salad, that really was generous enough to serve as a proper entree.

For my actual entree, I selected the scallops served with beet-marinated cuttle fish. Another nice portion and marriage of flavors, especially not knowing how I’d feel about the colorful cuttlefish… I ate every bite.

The main (an actual first course) makes my stomach rumble now just looking at the photo. Double yolk fresh pasta topped with shrimp and black truffle in a pecorino cream sauce that was somehow not heavy. Again, I enjoyed every bite and every calorie was absolutely worth it.

La Caravella became another Venice staple with this delicious meal. It gets many top reviews from different publications and rightfully so. I look forward to working my way through more of their menu.



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