Antinoos Lounge- Venice

A hidden gem on the opposite side of Dorsoduro is the Sina Centurian Palace. I sneaked a peak during a leisurely stroll from the Guggenheim and pegged it for the perfect dinner or drink not so far from Il Palazzo Experimental. The entrance was rather grand and you could imagine how lovely this terrace would be in the summer even if lacking for guests on this unseasonably warm night.

The back terrace was even more picturesque with a view of the Grand Canal. It looks empty as all the apertivo crowd was seated at the tables on the slightly elevated wooden deck just out of sight. This left me excellent opportunities to take some snaps of the terrace empty, soon-to-be filled.

I ordered an Aperol Spritz and was handed the normal Italian snack mix (chips and olives) and even a tiny cream cheese sandwich for some reason.

While the weather was too perfect not to be outside enjoying it, the “red room” was just as chic and looked ripe for a nice date night.

Upon leaving, I grabbed this quick pic of the gorgeous lobby, with this expansive, organically-shaped modern light fixture of Venetian glass. Wow.


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