Los Cuates- Nyon

Swiss Mexican always leaves something to be desired, but Los Cuates was definitely the best to date. A very festive dining room, somehow even more festive drinks, and food that was…well… Swiss Mexican. Pretty solid as there was note a grate of Gruyere or edible flower in sight as with previous attempts at the cuisine.

Make a res, as it looks empty here, but was quickly packed and turned diners away.

We started with the chips and guacamole which were surprisingly salty, flavorful and delicious. My friend insisted on a side of potatoes I assume because she’s married to a Swiss and he makes her do these things. Coated in honey and spices, they were fine but not worthy of the second helping she also insisted on ordering.

We were both feeling spicy and ordered the two spiciest dishes on the menu, a beef taco, and quesadilla. We laughed at their arrival as the were nearly identical, the quesadilla involving only more cheese and sauce.That was the standout, but still was confusing for two lovers of Mexican cuisine. I’d return to try another flavor, whynot.

Drinks were strong, with the shot of Cointreau in an old lime set on fire, and provided plenty of laughs and colorful conversation.

Since we were celebrating my birthday, we shared a lime cheesecake that was honestly, out of this world and inspired me to try and duplicate for Valentine’s Day a few days later. I’m not going to lie, I thought about this cheesecake for days. My friend literally scraped the last remnants as the plate was pulled away from us.

Les Cuates was fun! It’s nice to have a new go-to in Nyon and look forward to sampling more of the menu in between bites of cheesecake.



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