Viu Villars

Hotel Viu Villars was the perfect jumping off point for a first ski weekend. Well situated by the center of town and train station, it made going back and forth, and storing luggage a breeze. The hotel was totally booked for the half-term school holiday and felt a bit like Lord of the Flies, but I really enjoyed the property nonetheless. The hotel was exceptionally clean, despite being overrun with children, and had a delightful Chinese restaurant and large, cozy lobby bar. There was a spa that provided a relaxing afternoon and there was even a secret karaoke cave in the basement– overall the vibe was very good. Clearly the hotel has many rules in place to create such a nice experience – signs were posted everywhere about not bringing children to the spa or wearing ski boots in the lobby… kind of an eyesore but it worked!

Off of the lobby, there is a large terrace with gorgeous mountain views. Modern art strangely dots the space throughout and I was particularly impressed that someone purchased this gorilla light.

And this slightly feminine looking bench-type sculpture.

The hotel was something out of a Swiss-family chalet.

The intricate woodworking theme was carried well into the room. Their was also fur on fur and wool curtains. I couldn’t picture a more Swiss vibe if I tried.

The room offered a coffee maker and safe, but no fridge. However, there was a desk with two chairs, sort of set up as a strange table. It worked well for a dumping of the stuff.

Many rooms had normal sized balconies, but ours bordered on gigantic. I ran laps.

The bathroom was small, but manageable (and again, very clean) with lots of space and shelves to put your toiletries.

We dined in the restaurant the first night and it was so enjoyable that we took zero photos. I did mange one of the spa the following afternoon, the heated pool provided many jets to soothe my aching ski muscles.

I would recommend Viu Villars in a heartbeat to anyone trying out the area for the first time. Truly, it was the best located and I can’t imagine anything more that one would need from a hotel for the occasion.



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