Jaya at The Setai- Miami

On our final evening in Miami, we celebrated my 40th birthday with a very upmarket dinner and an “Asian Bazaar Night” which was meant to have some sort of performances. Sounded kind of weird, we were in!

Having dined and enjoyed drinks around the elegant Setai lobby in years passed, I was absolutely shocked when we entered the hotel. Previously, the very upscale hotel featured just a handful of tables surrounding a beautiful, calm reflecting pool in the center. The vibe was more of lounge music than the mayhem that unfolded before us. The place was absolutely packed! There were so many tables crammed into this previously idyllic courtyard I couldn’t believe what the place had become which was to say some sort of clubby restaurant where people tried to be SEEN. The bar in the lobby was packed with those waiting around for…. something… and the restrooms looked like certainly those of some sort of nightclub horror scene. Elegant Setai was gone and Club Setai was here to stay?

Seated at a high top table in a great location on the beautiful pool we enjoyed people watching and sharing a few signature dishes from the menu, first up dumpling covered in truffle foam.

We also opted for the shrimp pad thai which was very enjoyable.

As well as the signature beef stir fry dish which was served with simple white rice.

The food was actually still pretty delicious and arrived rather quickly. We ordered a couple carajillos to round out the experience and enjoyed the absolute spectacle that was the Asian Bazaar laid out before us….

A quick snap before the fire and lingerie show began…

All I can say is “wow” that certainly was unexpected. It wasn’t the chic sexy resto of days past, but it was absolutely fun and delicious. Don’t come here to sip a martini or propose, but come for lots of laughs, people watching, and a whole sense of absolutely, you are in Miami, as this could be nowhere else!



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