Esme Rooftop- Miami

The first night of our Miami girly weekend brought us to the Esme Hotel, recommended by several friends for well… all of their common spaces. The hotel was beautiful and with so much lovely, dim lighting we seemed to have spend a gorgeous evening there and took about zero photos. We dined on the rooftop which was an absolute respite from the crowds and tourism of Espanola Way below. The restaurant was the perfect mix of similarly-minded diners, upscale boho-tropical chic vibes, delicious small plates, and attentive service, a rarity itself in Miami.

We opted for a couple tequila cocktails bathed with “Sonic” ice and tried the beetroot hummus served with arepas and tuna tartare with fried wontons.

Little did we know, we should have eaten much more than this as the hidden downstairs bar was just as wonderful as the rooftop! Thanks to Esme for an absolute gem of an evening.



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