Coco Bistro- Providenciales

After the year I had, I was grateful to be entering my 40th trip around the sun, rather than dreading this threshold of midlife. The day itself must have been built off of my vibe because it was absolutely better than expected. If you’re with good friends, what more do you really need, but I think have no real agenda helped quite a bit, allowing me to be surprised at every turn rather than disappointed at something too overly planned.

The morning began with a coffee chat on our stunning balcony of Grace Bay Club with my dear friend, a long solo walk on the beach with a stop for a gratitude focused meditation, and a glass of bubbly on the walk back before meeting friends for breakfast. The rest of the day came and went far too quickly, lounging on the beach catching up with the girls, surprise cake and more champage, and a walk into town for coffee and shopping where I managed to buy silly souvenirs and only test drive two pricey watches while wearing a bathing suit. We had a sun-downer on the way back as we readied for the one thing we had planned….a dinner at Coco Bistro. Followed by sneaking into a white party (not wearing white) where we danced the night away (with a very cute volleyball pro), joined a conga line, enjoyed birthday wishes from the whole nightclub thanks to a DJ announcement, and pretened to be a volleyball pro myself. The dress I was so excited to finally be wearing after many COVID-19 trip cancellations got wet in the ocean during our walk home and it was all so, incredibly wonderful.

Anyway, this post is about Coco Bistro and what a beautiful restaurant it is including this vivid paint color choice that made me wonder how that conversation went when purchasing…”just give me the deepest blood orange shade you can make. I need it for a building. Thanks.”

The best part about Coco Bistro is that the ceiling is made of palm trees and as the night goes on cat-like creatures roam about and tropical-cocktail fueled diners give them samples for their tasting.

A friend and I started our meal (after devouring the delicious truffle-filled bread) with salmon on crispy rice, my favorite. It was pretty, maybe not amazing, but we weren’t really there to be blown away by the food.

Dinner was generous and pretty to look at…I had a very meaty white fish over basmati rice with a tropical salsa. I couldn’t come close to eating the whole thing, but it was the perfect birthday dinner.

For dessert we ordered their famous coconut pie and key lime in a glass to share. The coconut was lacking some real flavor, but the key lime was incredible! My friends were frustrated the dessert came without a candle, only to be pleasantly surprised a few minutes later with a cup of mango sorbet and a group of staff singing for the occasion. The staff were really wonderful and kind.

If looks could kill…

This tiny cup of key lime pie was the real winner.

So lucky to have such a lovely group of girlfriends who were game to make this trip for the occasion.

Of course, I made a wish or two.

That’s all she wrote… thank you Coco Bistro for the perfect birthday evening.



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