Grace Bay Club- Providenciales

After the craziest year complete with a c!^#r diagnosis and recovery, it was essential to celebrate my 40th in a big way. Lucky for me, tropical islands are pretty appealing to old friends in December, so away to Providenciales we went for birthday festivities and a grad school reunion. We opted to stay at the Grace Bay Club as no one had stayed on the property, but we all agreed we loved their Infiniti bar. Not to mention, we were able to snag a two bedroom condo with a private concierge and could all maximize our time together.

The property is just gorgeous and manages to stand out against the prettiest beach in the Caribbean- no easy feat.

The famous Infiniti bar and restaurant — (stick to the bar).

The view from our room was pretty sublime and a great landscape to sip coffee and discuss big life stuff with the other early risers of the group.

The living area was absolutely stunning and a few of us exclaimed that it was several times bigger than our own apartments. Loved the decor and chic, yet classic vibe. It felt very fresh and clean and had it not been for the beach, a long weekend inside the room would have been an absolute treat.

It looked even better when our concierge surprised me with balloons, flowers, cake, and champagne! Such a special day from the most thoughtful friends.

The master bedroom overlooked sort of a beach, sort of a building. It was okay that it wasn’t quite so romantic as I shared the bed with my tiny blonde tornado of a friend.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world after such a luxe long weekend at Grace Bay Club. It really was the perfect set up for old friends reuniting and celebrating life and so much more. Coupled with good service and an extremely walkable location, I’d stay here again in a heart beat.


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