Cora Pearl- London

Good ole lady of the evening, Cora Pearl, strikes again! Remember when I made her my best friend last year? This girl, here? The one with the greatest fish stew…. A year later, after a whollllleeeee lot of stuff happening, I saw her again. I was so sad she didn’t deliver her fish stew. Last time I was told it never came off of the menu, yet here it was… off of the menu. And rather than a sweet Christmas market, Dolce & Gabanna of all brands took over the common real estate…. so, so strange.

I showed up for my early reservation absolutely starving and asked for a small snack that would not ruin my nonexistant fish stew. I was suggested the whipped roe toast. Of course I took the recommendation and ate it. It was good, but just too much flavor for me. I mean, wow!

The closest I came to the fish stew was a filet accompanied by many a mushy veg. The fries, the best in the city, were also a major disappointment. Rather than being indulgently, buttery and salty as before, they were really just fried and bland. Too bad!

While I’m still curious to try their cookie and milk dessert, I just couldn’t bring myself to do so after such a lackluster meal. I hope it was a one off because after back-to-back meals in 2021, I was certainly hoping for more. Cora Pearl, if you make your stew again, give me a ring and I’ll hop over!



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