Le Tout Part Deux- Paris

After an absolutely incredible “find” of the not at all hidden Cheval Blanc and it’s rooftop restaurant, Le Tout, back in April, I knew I would be returning for my surprise solo trip in October. Lucky for me, the weather was 75 degrees! The last week of October! So, I opted out of their full fancy pants menu and dined on the terrace where they serve more low key fare. This has to be one of the best views in Paris and they serve beautiful champagne and food with a clientele that’s a great mix of tourist and well-heeled Parisians which is fun for handbag and outfit “window shopping.” I hope the two ladies next to me in head-to-toe Chanel who noshed on some green leaves and cigarettes enjoyed my decadent lunch along side…porquoi pas?

In April, I saw a gentleman enjoy the onion soup which I enjoy, especially when it is so beautifully domed with a puff pastry roof in lieu of croutons. How do they do this???

I opted for just a small green salad with my soup rather than a proper main or meal so that I could really enjoy the baguettes served on pillows and salted French butter. The baguette alone is worth the price you will pay for this upscale lunch.

With my meal they also served me two amuse bouche for some reason. It was essentially whipped avocado with some microgreens served on tiny wooden paddles. Delightful.

Remember when I skipped my main? Well, it was so I could try this citron tart by their famous pastry chef, Maxime Frederic. A lot of my terrace diners seemed to be on the same page about this and even if they were only joining for a drink, also managed to sneak in a pastry or dessert order.

At some point I’ll eat in the actual restaurant, but for now the terrace has treated me so well, I will return for the views as the weather allows. The very best part, is you don’t need to bring a lover here, as the baguettes bring their own pillows for cuddling.

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