Hotel Le Bellechasse- Paris

She’s baaaack! Me! I’m that she! And as a woman of her word, I’m returning to Paris for a couple top secret weekends this year. Recently was one such weekend and after such an incredible mid-chemo jaunt to Le Bellechasse, well, I knew I just had to return.

The room I had this time was different than last, but was a perfect LaCroix rendering of constellations in unsaturated colors. When you closed the window, it fulfilled the picture with a huge sunshine reminiscent of that epic Smashing Pumpkins album, or rather that was reminiscent of this. But you, understand, right?

Across from the comfortable enough bed was a small desk and fridge. A half bottle of champagne is 25 EUR. Really, have you EVER seen that in a hotel? No? Ok, pop it and fill up the tub immediately. Thanks.

Not going to lie, I was disappointed in this very standard tub after having a floating claw foot tub in the room in April, but what do you want for 161 EUR on a Saturday night? I still made good use of the thing of course, but perhaps it gave me pause for my next solo lady weekend.

Hotel Le Bellechasse- thank you for a comfortable enough stay, at a pretty great price in an excellent location between Musse d’Orsay and St. Germain. Until next time… xoxo Gossip Girl

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