L’Antre Amis- Paris

If you’re living in Geneva, chances are you might find yourself with friends from Paris who can send you to neighborhood haunts rather than restaurants you’d find written up on blogs and in guidebooks. L’Antre Amis is just that- a neighborhood gem and recommendation from someone who used to be of that neighborhood. Tucked onto a quiet circle in the 15th is L’Antre Amis- a neighborhood bistro with a weekly changing menu. The place was absolutely packed with diners filing into this fairly low key establishment even as I was leaving around 10PM.

There were a few starters and even less mains and desserts to choose from. I love a small menu so this worked well for me- as did the mussels with fennel and croutons.

While the mussels were ‘good’, the scallops were incredible. Perfectly seared, on a bed of a risotto that was somehow ‘woodsy’, nutty, and perfect for fall. Hair blown back achievement of a dish here.

For dessert, which you commit to up front, I had the apple tart, which was a refreshingly citrusy take on the classic with large strips of candied orange that balanced atop apples, on a crunchy wafer.

While getting to L’Antre Amis in an Uber on a friday night was a feat in itself, do yourself a favor and take the metro or walk to this excellent find in the 15th. And as they say, when in Rome, eat as the Parisians do.


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