Hotel Jobo- Paris

I’m sure that Josephine Bonaparte would have been cool with this sassy moniker given to a Marais hotel in her name. It just exudes a hair flip, doesn’t it? I can’t recall how this place ever got on my list of places I was determined to stay, but it had been there for some time. The marketing team of this place does a killer job makes this place out to be some high end sexy crash pad with a great cocktail bar. For me it was a bit more of Grandma’s bedroom and an empty bar steeped in astro turf. The place definitely had its perks- great location, the staff was fabulous, and in advance of your stay you fill out a survey so you can do cheeky things like surprise yourself with a half bottle of champagne or a bathrobe ($12 fee!). I did the former and figured I’d forget the beloved bathrobe. There were two robes and two pairs of slippers in the rooms already it turned out. Strange little place. Just check out the design.

My room (and hallway) was florals on florals. I had been hoping for the leopard print and turquoise room combo featured all over the website, but they must have run out of the wallpaper since it’s everywhere, including the ceiling.

A well equipped coffee and tea set-up– never have I ever seen two machines in a hotel room.

Some boyfriend level treats– champagne awaiting you (doesn’t matter that you surprised yourself with it).

The bath was small, but the shower was legit and came with Codage Paris products which was fun to swipe.

The view from my room was totally dreamy, a perfect Parisian street on a warm fall night.

The entry way from the street is a fun set of double red doors. The astro turf bar confuses me and reminds me more of Grandma’s terrace in hot central Florida, than chic Paris. I love kitsch, I just didn’t get this. I did love the free glass of champagne though. Thank you very much.

Inside, the bar that reads like a craft cocktail haven is a sleepy little room where they must just serve brekky.

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