What’s the story, morning glory?

Hi internet friends! I can’t believe how quickly the summer has come and gone and that I’ve been managing my cancer diagnosis for nine months somehow, though am so grateful/pleased/proud to say that I finished treatment this week. Can I get a f*&!k yeah? Another thing I’m really grateful for is that this very strange time has left me with time to write, to recount this oddity of a year as well as just expat life in general. While my cancer journey is hard and frustrating to read (it’s defo too soon!), some adventures are lost-in-translation funny. Expat life is just so damn funny. Perhaps that’s why I like it so much.

Anyway, I was curious to know if you’d like to read a snippet? There are no Ina Garten recipes or hotel reviews to be had, but maybe something different would be refreshing. What do you say?


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