Cafe de Chateau de Prangins

The village just to the east of Nyon, Prangins, has a beautiful chateau that’s a national museum. It hosts an array of period furnishings if that’s your thing. Better yet, it also hosts brunch, which luckily is a lot of peoples’ thing. A quick bus ride or long walk from Nyon, the chateau seemed to be an easy place to bring large groups and out of town guests for celebrations. It’s also a great spot for a first date with a professional basketball player, but that’s a story for another time.

The grounds in front of the castle (while extra crispy in this photo) are for the cafe kitchen providing a wide variety of fruits and veg.

The cafe has some serious outside space, perfect for better weather.

While the brunch buffet was an excellent mix of sweet and savory- breakfast, salads from the garden, and two mains- the real star were the mini desserts. Here are a bunch of photos of dessert up close.

You get the picture(s). Mini creme brulees have no calories- everyone knows this. Enjoy the dessert course fit for a king in your very own chateau. Basketball player not included.


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