Chalet d’Adrien- Verbier

An absolute MUST for a phenomenal (re: pricey) brunch is a reservation at Chalet d’Adrien. Absolutely worth the $99 a head splurge. Linger for hours over table after table of food where NOTHING you taste is even remotely ‘meh’. The wine service is very attentive and the views are breath taking. You can walk it all off when you descend the mountain later. Or just head upstairs to your room for a nap.

Can’t get more Swiss than this.
A very lucky table with an astounding view.
The bar doesn’t fare so badly either if you’ve forgotten a reservation.
Mini everything from apero-hour to salads to sushi to tartare. Taste it all.
The fountain is a perfect place for the endless desserts to swim.
Fortunately, or unfortunately for pants, they are all incredible.
A raspberry Paris-Brest takes center stage.
Mum assures me the fruit tarts are essentially salads.


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