Experimental Chalet- Verbier

The Experimental Chalet is the perfect place to stay in Verbier- sleepy location that’s a great walking distance from the festive apres-skis and restaurants of the slightly more central area. The staff is immensely wonderful, accommodating any request without hesitation. I’d stay here again and again, and well, I have actually. Maybe even in the same room as a few summers prior. I’ve come to really love this small hotel chain after staying at another of their properties in Paris, Hotel des Grands Boulevards. It’s the perfect mix of design, quirkiness, hospitality, while focusing on food and drink. In fact, maybe I’ll have another to report on very soon. Thank you for just “getting me,” Experimental Group!

A chalet, indeed. The experimental part reigns inside.
Bears gonna bear at the Experimental Chalet.
Certain behind this door is a bunch of farmer bachelors like that tv show. I’ve yet to experience this for myself, but one day will either find my husband here or tips on growing better zucchini.

The lobby is fitted with the signature Experimental Group vintagey vibe and muted color palette.

One of several cozy breakfast nooks at Frenchie.
Coffee waits for no one.
After last weekend, I think I can dub this “hangover corner” after seeing the motley crew Sunday morning.
Generous foyer to accommodate coats or well, I guess skis if that’s your thing.
Spacious room easily accommodates two.
Creepy mountain goat mounted to the bed watches your every move.
The bath is spacious as well with a large tub and separate shower.
Love a well-stocked mini-bar and safe combo, especially when the Experimental Cocktail Club was sadly closed for summer.
Thoughtful details like giant waters and handwritten notes abound.
Vintage-y details.
A terrasse larger than the room! This one (room 104) also allowed you to easily sneak over to the (closed) bar.
Quiet view from the terrrasse.


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