Grand Hotel Miramare- Santa Margherita

Situated in the center of the Santa Margherita strip is the gorgeous, grand dame Grand Hotel Miramare. The hotel has a slightly old world vibe, but manages to feel well-kept and modern at the same time. It reminded me a bit of Grand Hotel Tremezzo, on a smaller scale, and much simpler to enjoy without the need for reservations for a cocktail ages in advance.

After reading a book set here, we knew we would be destined for at least a visit for dinner….but first, there’s apero hour on the terrace. So nice, we did it twice.

The sweeping terrace allows bar patrons and diners stunning views of the beach clubs and sea just beyond. In the shade of the portico and few old trees, it’s the absolute perfect apero location.

Just off to the side is the hotel pool for guests only, but the sight of it is enough to lure you back for your own booking. It’s also a gorgeous location for a pre-wedding reception, the fashion of which we joyfully watched as guests entered the soiree through the bar terrace.

Night one brought us a few signature cocktails and the standard apero snacks.

Night two was a gorgeous repeat of the EXACT same thing as they were so lovely.

After you’ve nibbled enough chips and olives for the waitstaff’s approval, they then bring out the big gun appetizers which on night one included stuffed zucchini, fried olives, and Parmesan macarons.

Night two was citrusy shrimp and couscous (loved by the local bees), tiny tortas, and a bit of fried polenta.

If you are visiting Santa Margherita, you must MUST visit Grand Hotel Miramare for a truly grand experience and gorgeous start to the evening. It truly feels like the art of doing nothing as you nibble, sip, and take in the sea and its beautiful surroundings.

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