Vineria Macchiavello- Santa Margherita

Tucked away on one of Santa Margherita’s adorable, cobble stone side streets is Vineria Macchiavello. Not packed as the fococciarias were down the street, we landed here one very hot afternoon for a quick snack and it proved to be an excellent choice. The old timey entrance, chalkboard menus, and full window display were most charming to take in while seated outside.

I elected for a Franciacorta the size of my head and for 8 EUR proved to be a delicious bargain that I could have used about three more of by the side of a pool. I opted for one by the side of a charcuterie plate instead. There was just enough lost in translation to heighten the adorable level of the wine bar. When I asked the waiter what types of cheese they were, he pointed to the cheese and said “this is cheese.” After a giggle and another attempt I received the helpful descriptions of, “this is pecorino and this one is mixed.” Oh, how I love a mixed cheese! I can now go to the fromagerie and ask for such a specific delight.

We’d planned to head back at this point, but were lured into sharing a dessert that touted itself as “white chocolate fondue with amaretto and peaches.” So unique, absolutely we had to try this! Well, there was a bit lost in translation as it turned out to be a creamy, cold white chocolate with a few amaretti crumble and nary a slice of peach. While it was a good sweet bite, it was not at all what we were expecting.

Vineria Macchiavello was definitely one of my favorite finds of the trip. Nice food and drink with just enough lost in translation charm to keep me lingering over a balloon of franciacorta. Bring a book and prepare to drink in the town as you drink in a refill.


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