Pam Pam

After walking by a crowded Pam Pam (!) many times the last two summers, I finally made my way into the tropical tiki joint (verring toward strip club)…with my mother! I couldn’t see the draw from the overly themed slice of “Brazil” from the street (odd, being that I love a theme), but was instantly drawn to t he exotic allure once seated. Each cocktail is more ridiculous than the last in their garnishes and serving while still tasting pretty terrible, something reminiscent of a punch bowl at a college party. However, for 13 EUR a glass, you could go home with a silly souvineer and fill your belly with two types of fritters, nuts, chips, and popcorn- a toddler’s dream dinner. Naturally, we went back a second night.

A cockatoo-tail?

The second night mother was determined to drink from the monkey in a sombrero, which was certainly the most ridiculous serving vessel we saw and bar far the worst drink. The sacrifices… My mini monkey helped to seal the theme and of course, went home with me.

This about sums up how the drink tastes.

For the final cocktail, I went with the strongest rum punch and mum asked for the sweetest drink which was some bland juice that came in a house. Our waiter, Husky McBlue Eyes (he looked like a husky!) was a doll and brought us lots of ice to water both down.

And that my friends is a wrap on the Pam Pam. If you go late enough you can see a Brazilian themed “dance show” that seemed to verge on strip club as we passed it later in the evening. Girls grabbing for oiled up “natives.” Probably so misappropriated, but if questions these vacation photos, just show them the photo of the monkey in the sombrero. Papou made you do it.


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