Ti Toques- Juan-les-Pins

Ti Toques was the choice for fancy lady dinner in Juan-les-Pins and it seemed like many other people had the same idea as we enjoyed watching a wedding at the venue next door throughout the meal. In a nutshell, Ti Touqes had very nice food and a beautiful view if you were lucky enough to have a table nearer to the water. The staff seemed a bit short for a busy evening but made time to make us feel a bit less than welcome on occasion. The first being snapping as I nicely asked if a table nearer the water was a available, “madame, this was the best we had when you called” when a simple “no, sorry” would have sufficed. The second time was a bit more annoying. After my mum dropped her napkin she asked for another, placing it too near a plate (with oil remnants) that our waiter was clearing. Rather than just take the napkin from her if he didn’t want this precious napkin to touch the oily plate, he lectured my very proper MOTHER on how napkins in France are nice in linen and how in the US we only have paper napkins. Are you kidding me? Also, we never said we were from the US, we could easily be Canadian using flannel napkins on the daily. I guess Canadians would know better. I was more annoyed about this than my mother was, but really it set the tone for the rest of dinner.

The resto works with a choose-your-own-adventure set menu for $49 which includes appetizer, main, and dessert. A very fun and inexpensive concept for a nice meal.

The food we did have was largely good even if served with a side of snark. First up, a cold watermelon and mint shooter.

For my starter, a really excellent sea bream ceviche.

Mom went with a shrimp starter, the plate of the deadly napkin attack shown here.

For my main, I had a spaghetti vongole (with shrimp). It was good, but not life changing. The bowl was gianormous which mean the flatware kept slipping into it making an oily mess. If only I had paper napkins. Luckily, it just ruined a silk dress instead.

Dessert was a delicious lemon tart with a sidecar of lemon sorbet. Definitely a standout.

Would I return to Ti Toques? Well, I’d like to… maybe not in high season when everyone seems on edge and it takes 20 minutes to get your check. If I do, I’ll be sure to call early about that table by the sea and napkins from my own plebeian country.


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