Yolo Plage- Juan-les-Pins

After watching Effet’s staff smoking in the restaurant lounge area after the restaurant was meant to be open for our reservation, we said forget it (they were rude taking the rez too, and we know when to cut our losses) and headed to Yolo Plage. Yolo treated us well earlier in the evening for an apertif by the sea. Their friendly staff making sure we were well-tended to and happy with our table, view and cocktails…ok, maybe a little two well when one of them chased me down at the train station the next day to get my number. I of course did what anyone who has been single for two years does and just jumped on the train ensuring there was no window so I could properly hide from this handsome, friendly chap.

Neither here nor there, Yolo is great! And I feel that way even after I saw the same chap on the THIRD morning at the train station, with another woman. Clearly they’d been out all night and ‘seen some things…’ and I still love his Yolo. How could you not with this view?

A friendly reminder that creative cocktails in Francophone countries tend to be really terrible.

For dinner I had the sea bream ceviche which was most delightful, perhaps just because I am now allowed to eat raw again. (Bugger off, chemo).

The fries were next level and I’m told that chicken behind them wasn’t so bad either.

If you need an easy, cheerful spot on Juan-les-Pins, definitely opt for Yolo. While the decor at Effet may be most enticing, really I wouldn’t plan an evening around it. Nor would I on a personal level with the staff of Yolo… unless of course, you’ve seen some things. 😉


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