Ausonia Hungaria- Lido

After staying at the gorgeous Ausonia Hungaria in 2019 I fell hard and fast for this oasis perfectly situated between the touristically crowded Venice and the Adriatic Sea. Despite more of a last minute booking during high season, I knew my parents would enjoy the property as well and insisted it would make for an excellent recommendation. Luckily, I was right and we had another perfect stay at the gorgeous property.

Could this hotel be any cooler with it’s sweeping terrace, optimal of people watching, and facade adorned in colorful mosaics?

The terrace bar offered very friendly service, snacks until 19:00 and after that heavier snacks. Who needs dinner with all the nibbles? I guess we did as the resto was so good, we failed to take one photo!

The common spaces were as delicate and beautiful as ever, however, rather than the breakfast buffet of years past, a more COVID-friendly solution of al fresco dining and bringing the buffet to diners’ tables was the new norm and worked quite well.

The pool is worth the price of admission to have a refreshment after a long, hot day of sightseeing. Luckily the clientele seems mostly other adults doing the same, with the occasional annoying child thrown into the mix, but they never last long.

The classic room remained unchanged after three years, but really did not show any wear and tear. The housekeeping was absolutely exceptional, replacing every this or that you may have used or consumed. We learned that the key system alerts them to when you’re out and about so they’re never knocking when you’re trying to relax either- just phenomenal.

View from the room allows you to take in the mosaic work.

The closet was well equipped with space for a suitcase, hanging clothes and came with several pair of chic and comfy slippers, coffee, and some cold drinks.

The bath is the strangest part of the entire experience with its see-through door. So romantic! Luckily for me, I’ve been on solo journeys both times, but could definitely do without this weird feature if traveling with a partner.

The rooftop bar now offers dinner service which had maybe eight tables in VERY close proximity of one another, allowing diners to take in the sunset. Personally, I was quite happy to stay in the back, sipping a drink from the extremely extensive craft cocktail menu. Nothing says romance like a see-through toilet door followed by dinner in the laps of the neighbors…

This lady summed up my last six months of exhaustion, doctors’ appointments, and general wear and tear. She was well perched on the bar terrace to take it all in and refused to have anything but a damn good time. At Ausonia Hungaria, it would be difficult to do anything else but follow suit.

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