Al Cavaliere- Lido

Travel days are always weird ones in terms of meal timings, especially with two parents in tow, so the day we arrived in Lido was no exception. In desperate need of a 17:00 dinner, we stumbled across Al Cavaliere who thankfully was serving nonstop for folks like us. Upon entering, I realized I’d dined here several years ago and ended up with a full on crab that freaked me out. This experience was much better.

We were tucked away on the patio by a fountain that had a lot of potential, but could use some attention.

Then, we all shared a charcuterie plate made for six. It was really phenomenal, but just far too much food. Not wanting to waste the beautiful meats, we asked to take the remainder to go and were rewarded with assumingly the meats waded up in a tin foil ball. It was quite funny and I could never bring myself to open it. I’m sure they were as mortified as we were asking for it. C’est la vie.

Note: waded up tin foil ball in green bag in the background.

For my main I opted for pasta with scallops and artichokes which sounded nice and summery, but was met with too much red sauce for my liking. My mum was quite into her dish of the same, but I’d skip this for something anti-red sauce next go.

Overall, the resto did its job in feeding us, but I still haven’t’ found the right thing to order three years later. Charcuterie and pinot grigio for the win if you’re stumbling by from a long day on the beach. Otherwise, the menu (and paying with a non-contactless card) remains a mystery.

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