Le Bologne- Geneva

After my first week of “hard” chemo, an easy treat seemed to be a fancy lady lunch out at Le Bologne, a Geneva resto that’s been on my list for some time. The real plan was to follow this with a trip to the art museum (finally) but just couldn’t seem to get myself there! Maybe it was the wine, or the chemo fatigue, but a stroll and a nap was the only possible option after such an incredible (finally in Geneva!) meal.

I started with Petit Arvine and the most sublime octopus- perfectly cooked and served over mashed sweet potatoes with pickled onions. What’s up iron intake!?

My main was a really, really well done white fish (the type now escapes me) served with a gorgeous beurre blanc citrus sauce and accompanied by Swiss chard stuffed with some sort of cauliflower rice AND some fried cheesy potatoes. Holy guacamole, this was a huge meal. Absolutely delectable. Worth every franc and calorie.

Even more than the incredible savories was the Paris-Brest which I already knew they were known for, happens to be my favorite dessert, and was also recommended by my charming waiter. Really, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Crunchy, creamy, an ice cream and crumble component. Absolute heaven!

It was so good, here’s a sexier angle if that’s possible.

I’m sad that it took me so long to visit Le Bologne, but this will definitely be a staple in the Geneva dining rotation going forward. Phew, finally! These Geneva gems are few and far between!


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