Grand Hotel Tremezzo & T Beach

Grand Hotel Tremezzo holds such a special place in my heart after spending several afternoons and evenings there a few years ago. While I was just staying down the road, the hotel was such a fun mix of high-end hospitality and whimsy that I absolutely could not resist it. I was so grateful that T Beach accepted my travel-logged friend and myself for a most casual lunch at the bar of the beach club. We were dirty and tired (and starving) and I was expecting us to just grab the first pizza we saw, but somehow we ended up in heaven at T Beach.

First thing was first- prosecco and bar snacks.

Followed by (not pictured) MORE bar snacks and this gorgeous pasta with seafood. It was absolutely divine. And while they didn’t have the paccheri that was noted in the menu, and after declining other pasta options, the waiter had them create this for me in similarity to the description. Talk about service!

As we were wrapping up our lunch and prosecco, my friend saw them plating something that at first we thought was dessert. Discussing this, the bar lady doing the organizing overheard and said, no this was the afternoon round of bar snacks and gave us a plate to sample. So kind!

As we soaked in the views of this beautiful day, laughing and chatting, the waiter noticed we finished our bottle of prosecco and asked to pay and leave. Instead of bringing us the bill, he brought us more glasses of prosecco! Then, he did it again! Truly, the service here has a way of making you feel so special. And even though the glamorous people watching is fantastic and you’re in some weird outfit you traveled in and have a weird haircut from your cancer diagnosis and are drinking the cheapest wine on the menu, the service made you feel like you were the most important customer they might have. Clearly, they knew these days at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo are special occasions for people and absolutely accommodate accordingly. The appreciation that I have for this vibe is hard to describe!

And with that…a beautiful meal with a good friend made for a perfect afternoon. We floated into the hotel on our prosecco clouds to find the ladies room and for me to buy a very large, very fancy hat. Perfection, as always is found at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

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