Ristorante Caruso- Milano

On Easter Sunday, on my own in a new city, I enjoyed Facetiming with my family, but also decided to pay homage to them by dining at Ristorante Caruso, part of our namesake. While the hotel of the restaurant, Grand Hotel et de Milan, was positioned for old world charm, maybe it was just a bit too old. The older gentleman who seemed to be the manager or maitre’d, seemed incredibly flustered that I’d made a reservation online… a month ago. When I tried to catch his eye for him to take my order he then said, “I’m sorry, madame, I cannot right now.” He did insist I look at the buffet as it was “very rich,” but after seeing teams of children and their parents swarming, I opted to look at the a la carte menu, though I should have taken this as a clue to run back down the street towards the Armani hotel, but I was committed because of the name. So… here we are…

Old world charm with a table of Americans splitting club sandwiches on Easter.

Hefty bread basket if that’s your thing.

The octopus starter was quite nice.

For the main, I opted for a simple cheese filled ravioli with tomato sauce. Definitely did not blow me away, but it sure was plentiful.

After declining coffee and dessert, I was presented with cookies on a pedestal and a slice of the Easter Colombana bread which was quite delightful for a nibble while waiting to pay.

Overall, the experience in Ristorante Caruso, was just not what I wanted for a nice vacation (and holiday) meal. After seeing the state of their restrooms and lobby teaming with people, I probably should have started here and run out the back door. Always stick to your gut!

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