Il Liberty- Milano

The best day of a solo vacation is playing fancy lady day which usually includes an epic meal (and possibly a jewelry purchase). Today was just that with a nice ending at Il Liberty in Milan. The whole experience was extra exceptional as the people-watching was top notch. I was seated in the second-floor, like a lookout point, to gaze upon the diners below. Excellent entertainment as well as ordering inspiration. They sated me with some snacks to go with my stalking.

This was followed by yet more bread and crisps(!) as well as my artichoke appetizer which was quite unique all wrapped up in phyllo and served with a side of spinach. This was larger than it appeared and I could have benefited from a friend to help me with this one.

As I’m just one lady, I kindly declined a first plate as I’d had my artichoke. However, my kind waiter brought me a first course anyway. This was the “almost lasagna” and was absolutely out of this world delicious. Two perfect bites.

For my main, again I let my waiter steer me, and he did, right into a HUGE hunk of veal. Served with onions and some sort of potato gratin, this was a legit dinner. I absolutely did not finish all of it, but it was enjoyable for someone who usually orders a fish.

Finally, I opted for a scoop of the most decadent hazelnut ice cream and failed to photograph it. The meal was absolutely far too much and far too rich, but I loved every bit that I was able to consume. I’d highly recommend this trifecta of a resto- friendly, delicious, and unstuffy- the next time you’re in Milano.

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