Bamboo Bar at the Armani Hotel- Milano

The Bamboo Bar at the Armani Hotel came strongly recommended by a like-minded colleague who insisted I should linger and look at the Duomo ( blurrily, below) and make sure to have the greatest tiramisu in the world. I came to do just that, but was more impressed with the interior deco, food, and wine than my original goals. (That’s a Ca’ Bosco Franciacorta if you’re playing at home).

The low seating had a cozy intimacy, perfect for dropping your shopping and tucking into the enormous bread basket. Even the Armani water was delicious.

For scale….

I skipped a starter (and pasta!?) and went straight for grilled sea bass over a bed of vegetables. It was absolutely delicious and an order I’d happily repeat.

For dessert, I ordered the tiramisu as instructed. A little disappointed in the presentation, it was studded with chocolate pearls that provided a nice crunch- something I’m always after- but other than that, it seemed pretty run of the mill for me.

I returned to the the Bamboo Bar on Easter Sunday to kill a little time prior to my meal just down the street. (The wine was sublime, ok?). However, I’d wished I’d stayed to try a few other dishes from the menu. Maybe next month…. Bamboo Bar will definitely be a Milano staple for me, but just not for the views and tiramisu…more for the everything else.


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