Milano Verticale- UNA Esperienze- Milan

How to aptly describe the feeling of and starting a long term medical leave from work? A sabbatical if you will… Well, if you’re me, you have to punctuate the moment with a trip. In all honestly, I’d planned this vacation before I even knew I’d be going out, so it was the perfect line in the sand between my two worlds, which in theory makes today the first day of sabbatical. Not thinking about work before bed already has me healing already- even after Friday’s tough chemo. No joke!

My girlfriend was to meet me after the long Easter holiday weekend, so I figured before she arrived, I’d best be suited in a recently opened hotel that had things like room service, terrace, and a resto/bar on site.

I’d never stayed with the UNA group before and was a bit concerned when their corporate replied to my messages that they were the largest group in Italy and could I please confirm the hotel. Um, could you please search my last name?

Anyway, they must have gotten the details somehow, because I did receive an early check-in (thank you) and room with a lovely terrace. The room was immaculately clean, and serviced well every day. The downfalls were that the bed felt a bit like a rock, despite a heavily advertised pillow menu, and that there was not a lot in the room. While water was replenished daily (nice touch!), there was no room service menu or QR code…or paper of any kind…or glasses of any kind. I would have appreciated all of these things and maybe a coffee maker also. In calling down to try and find a room service menu, I was met with pure confusion so ended up finding it on some corner of the internet. The day I asked for glasses for prosecco, I received two glasses of prosecco which warmed nicely while I was out in the city on a ten hour exploration.

Really, no complaints though. Milano Verticale was very well situated between some great restaurants, the Porto Girabaldi train station, and was the perfect jump off for a solo lady in a sprawling, strange city. I hope they work the minor kinks out as Covid (hopefully) draws to a close), but even not, I’ve already looked to book this hotel again. Thanks, for the lovely room and overall nice stay!

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