Chiche ou Pas Chiche- Geneva

Chiche (chic) or not chic… that is the question. Actually, the question is what does this really mean??? Also, why haven’t I been here before?? A charming patio just off of the park in Plainpalais and an easily-Instagrammable interior coupled with delicious food- finally, I could have a go-to lunch/brunch spot in Geneva!

We were there for Saturday brunch, so a slightly different menu than their usual. My friend opted for this bowl with chicken- immediately, I experienced order envy and vowed to try this next time. Plus, these gold handles, how fancy!

For me, there was a perfectly delightful avocado toast with feta and egg. I’m pleased to report that it had flavor, something so often missing in Switzerland. Looking forward to my next lunch here already!


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