Le Tout Paris at Cheval Blanc

After scouring menus across all of Cheval Blanc’s restaurants, I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on the commitment of a meal…or they were closed…or full…it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me to visit this fabulous looking new hotel. However, walking to La Samaritaine, I just happened to pass by their menu cards outside and thought that after my great experience at Hotel de Crillon, why shouldn’t I just pop my head in for a glass of wine or a coffee and see what mayhem might ensue. So I did.

When I found a seat on the terrace and this was my view, I knew there was bubbles and not coffee in store for my nearly lunch time visit.

Early bird gets the champagne.

Clearly in my element, watching the city and the very colorful people that this terrace attracted, I decided to settle in for a little while at which point, I decided a nibble was needed. No nibbles were allowed at my chill table…they insisted it was too small to eat at properly…even for the cheese I wanted, not even a real plate! So, I relocated to these colorful chairs for a slightly different angle.

Resituated, I enjoyed a cheese plate! For lunch! Something generally reserved for after a meal in these parts. I was so happy as I’d been wanting one my whole trip and here it was in all its appropriate glory early enough in a menu to enjoy!

They also brought this absolutely gorgeous bread…on a pillow! A PILLOW! Shhhh, it’s resting.

Love a decorative butter.

The man next to me had the onion soup which was absolutely gorgeous! Imagine the crock, topped with puff pastry, that had been well-puffed. This is on my radar for my next visit to Le Tout Paris that I’m already planning.

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