Hotel de Crillon- Paris

I’ve always had a love affair with hotels out of my pay grade, perhaps stemming from an article that I read many years ago where the writer stayed one night in all of the major Paris luxury hotels. They challenged each hotel to room service, ranking club sandwiches(!), and tasks for the concierge that weren’t so far off from reuniting them with a long lost relative. This article is my absolute dream assignment.

While I have no qualms bee-bopping my way around London. American Bar at The Savoy like I own the place or a martini cart at The Connaught, no big deal to just spend on a cocktail and just enjoy the vibe…I’ve always had reservations about doing this in Paris…something about the old-school stuffiness of it all and never knowing what to wear in that town. Though, not actual reservations of course, because $1500/night is far beyond my paygrade.

Tonight would be different… After seeing a very fun IG where one of my favorite comediennes laughed her boobs off at Hotel de Crillon, I realized it wasn’t so old world stuffy that it would have my somewhat well-behaved arse if they hosted her absolute chaos. Plus, I had a really cute dress and new jewels I’d surprised myself with for Valentine’s day. They’d have to have me, right?

And they did. And it was the chic-est lobby I’ve every seen. Modest in size, but kitted out like the coolest living room of a very wealthy friend.

The bar brought me to their very cool cocktail list where I opted for one of the only creations of clear spirits- the Serafina. She came with this badass hairdo and dainty mask. I came with less of a hairdo as I was in progress of losing mine and the mask of someone who could afford what turned out to be (a few) $40 cocktails. Whoops!

Not sure what’s up with the lighting on this photo, but the surrounds were beyond chic. Don’t worry the bar completely soon filled up with amazing people watching. Everyone there was currently on the far side of the bar to better see the excellent band…or perhaps to be closer to the few ladies of the night who were posted up, sipping juice from champagne glasses, cleavage on full display.

Chatting up with the barman, I moved onto aviation cocktails thinking they’d be a classic so less expensive. They were poured from a rose-gold colored metal-looking gin bottle…so they were not, however, they were so delish and worth it, as Geneva does not do craft cocktails.

The badass lady band played a mix of American and French classics, captivating the whole bar and causing me to stay for their entire set. Half a paycheck and a few phone numbers later, this turned out to be an excellent decision and perhaps one of my favorite solo travel evenings of recent memory. Hit it girls….

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