Hotel Le Bellechasse- Paris

What’s a lady to do when she’s halfway through chemo and doesn’t know how she’s going to feel? Book a last minute trip to Paris is the right answer. Tell no one so it’s only yours. Pre-book art exhibits, but not dinners and just see what happens- an uncertain adventure for an uncertain time, but a beautiful punctuation nonetheless.

Also, make sure that you try a new hotel and if those on your list are out of your budget, pull an obscure one from the very far back past that you remembered hearing about. Bonus points for an exceptional location and a very wacky decor thanks to Mr. Christian Lacroix.

A huge thank you to Le Bellechase for this very funky, very comfy upgraded room with a deep soaking tub. The lighting was super dark and weird in the entryway, but there is so much to investigate, you’ll hardly notice.

The highlight of the room is the butterfly-clad ceiling that extends a bit into a coral reef, and further into a few turn of the century boyfriends which is convenient as I failed to pack my own.

Leave it to a video call with my mum of all people to notice that one of my suitors isn’t wearing pants. When I checked out behind the tv to see what he was packing, the picture continues, but it’s a bit of a Ken doll situation. Mr. Lacroix has nearly thought of everything…well…almost…

The tub was absolute perfection. Perfect size, filled fast, bath salts provided, shelf for obligatory champagne and/or coffee. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The dream bath tub then put the sink by the bed which was a bit odd, but worked with the room just fine.

The view from the fourth floor looked across at some very lovely buildings…

…and down into the hotel’s courtyard, where unfortunately I never once saw anyone sit.

Le Bellechasse room was perfection, location behind d’Orsay couldn’t be beat, and the kindness emanated throughout the whole team of staff. This price was quite reasonable too. Breakfast was just okay, and I’d suggest a bakery down the block instead, but truly, this place is an absolute gem.


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