Kha Tha Thai- Geneva

My fr-olleague (that’s friend/colleague) and I are ever on the quest for a really good meal in Switzerland…more specifically, really good Asian cuisine. Our low points were eating bao buns clearly made of cement mixture in some dodgy area of Geneva. Shortly followed by eating uncooked pork gyoza outside, at a dark table of an upscale resto. Great news, they were then comped in addition to some vino that came our way. Best part, the restaurant noticed this before we did. I thought it was just some gourmet *ish.

If these are the lows, the highs didn’t have much of a bar to beat. Kha Tha Thai might be the best we’ve tried in Geneva so far. Cute ambiance even if I did put my purse where the wine bucket was meant to go and was corrected by the owner.

We started with the sampler platter which featured a great spring roll, chicken satay, and shumai. Followed by a lackluster salad. And two fried things that I could have absolutely done without. One was full of mushy peas maybe? The other noodles. Either way, A+ for cute presentation.

For our mains, we both had pad thai. Me, the shrimp, him the chicken… though he received and was charged for the shrimp. We were asked if we wanted chili oil which we both gladly exclaimed yes! Flavor! I thought it would come on the side, but they mixed it all into the noodles which made them distinctly orange and oddly without chili flavor. Switzerland.

Overall, it was a fun night and I’d return. Clearly from people watching the dish to order was some sort of rice dish in a rock pot. We even saw a dog enjoy one. Indoors. Because, Switzerland.


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