Hotel Art Deco Montana- Lucerne

Last year I spent a truly phenomenal long weekend at the Hotel Art Deco Montana in Lucerne. Recently, I needed a wee getaway for one and decided to return and hopefully have the same repeat experience. Last round I enjoyed an incredible room and bathroom, huge terrace, nightly turn down service including local treats of the region. This stay, I had…. a room. A very basic room right next to some renovation projects. I will say the room was very clean, but it was worn and tired. I even had to call down to ask for the bathrobe that was already in my room last stay. While the experience was ‘fine’ it in no way lived up to the previous one.

The bedroom was lacking the cozy duvets of last stay, the robe, the slippers, turndown service…basically all the things you look for in a hotel as you wouldn’t have at home. The bath was clean but soulless. I asked for a tub and I guess I did receive the ole’ shower/tub combo.

With all the construction nearby I did wonder if this would soon be renovated as well.

Quaint neighborhood view.

Again, no major complaints, just did not live up to my original love of the place. If this would have been my first stay, I definitely would not have come back. Maybe there’s hope for this in a renovated future that treats all guests and room categories the same, but next trip I’ll likely try somewhere else.


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