Street Beruit- Nyon

After a gorgeous week in the UK with friends, birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving, museums, art, and amazing meals….I was shocked to find out when boarding my plane to return to Geneva that there were new COVID orders in place. I was to quarantine for 10 days.

When I’ve done this before, I’ve had time mentally prep, scout groceries, stock the pantry, etc. A suprise quarantine was more than a mind f&^%. It messed with me for two days. Of course, I had minimal groceries, so I ordered enough takeout for three and made it last for three days. At least I finally got to try a number of menu items at a local favorite, Street Beruit.

For the tabbouli I love and ordered, I expected a side salad. Nope…this was a laptop sized container of herby freshness. A bargain at 13 CHF in Switzerland. I also tried the beef kabobs and falafel. And the whole kit came with free baklava bites. Thank you for saving me, Street Beruit!


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