Tattu- Edinburgh

Tattu! I’ve been after you for two years now. I learned of you then travel promptly was shut by the rude, tiny little pandemic! How lovely to visit you for a birthday celebration with one of my nearest and dearest. This restaurant was truly next-level date-worthy, just be sure to book plenty early. Booking a month in advance, my 6:30PM table had plenty of neighbors and nearly every table was celebrating something…which made the whole bit extra fun. I can’t wait until the rooftop version opens in London next year.


My foodie friend and I can throw down…and that we did. Starting with the short rib appetizer. Made for a cool photo with the mirrored table and fab ceilings, but honestly this was by far the worst thing we ate. Dry, dry, dry…

We opted for a shrimp dumpling shaped like cherries!

We also had the chicken and truffled dupmlings, because we operate on the no dumplings left behind rule.

I opted for the salmon after they were out of the seabass. It was excellent.

My friend opted for a chicken grill. While I’m never much for chicken in restaurants, this was next level. A mix of light and dark meat perfectly marinated. This was the shocking surprise of the show.

And because there is a separate stomach for dessert, we shared a dragon’s egg- a mix of white chocolate, passion fruit, and coconut. Also, absolutely excellent and I found myself craving this on my actual birthday two weeks later.


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