The Hari- London

The Hari London was certainly a splurge long weekend- perfect to celebrate both Thanksgiving and an early birthday after a truly hellish work month. I’d booked this back in April to pair with an art exhibition that I’d bought tickets for the same weekend. So in short, seven months of anticipation for this trip and it really delivered. So wonderful to be a tourist again, and just as lovely to stay in a boutique hotel with impeccable service.

Let’s get on with the room tour shall we? The hallways were dark and moody, offering just ten rooms per floor. It was relatively quiet upstairs.

The room itself didn’t appear overly posh, but was very cozy. Housekeeping was top notch and I really enjoyed my stay.

There was a small desk for the unfortunate work calls that occurred and a tv that offered the usual suspects along with fun local radio and room service.

The fridge was a hodge podge of beer, juice, and soda. No wine, spirits, or snacks in sight for some reason. Please note the wine pictured here was given to me by a man on the train. Typical.

The closet was full-sized and offered slippers in various sizes, the coziest hotel robes, and umbrellas. Perfection.

While The Hari is kind of known for their glorious looking soaking tubs, they had none available for an upgrade this weekend as they were fully booked. I was a bit disappointed, but had a lovely salle de bain myself.

My room was clearly a part of the roof eave as the shower was very oddly shaped. If you were a man say size 44 in a suit, you would not fit in here….

The loo was posh is a terrarium of succulents for some reason.

My nineth floor window looked over Belgravia below. The mood was perfect for my reintroduction to London.

Looking west, I had my share of some decent sunsets.

My room was outfitted with a bottle of English bubbly and a red velvet creation for my birthday. Very thoughtful. On thanksgiving they brought cookies in a turkey design. Adorable.

On Black Friday, I opted to stay in for the evening trying to knock some Christmas shopping online. I ordered room service that was pretty good as far as that goes. My Roman pizza came with no cover to keep it warm and with ketchup and mayo on the side which was an interesting choice… It was still good cold as pizza usually is, however.

Unrelated to The Hari, but I also made a stop by Cakes & Bubbles at Hotel Cafe Royal (look forward to being able to afford staying there one day!). I tookaway their famed cheesecake which is shaped like a wheel of cheese and comes with a side of “crackers” which are actually biscuits.

Excellent execution, even for takeaway. Unfortunately, the cheesecake was really quite gross. It was tangy like goat cheese almost and not sweet at all. Pretty surprising, but she sure is cute.

Great room, but really the best part about The Hari was the excellent staff, from concierge, to resto, to housekeeping. Everyone was so kind and went above and beyond. Really, I couldn’t have chosen a better place for a weekend of recharge and holiday shopping.

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