Nomad Hotel- Basel

Last weekend was a low key one, ripe for adventure. While I’d previously spent a several weeks in Basel during a brutal heatwave and even more brutal conference, I’d bookmarked the art scene and vowed to return. I try to keep my promises so I did just that, staying at the very cool Nomad hotel, my first time with the brand.

The entryway was a very cool overspill of the restaurant’s tables and was outfitted with fur throws (not seen here) and a smattering of cool kids (also not seen here).

Check-in was friendly, helping me in advance of my visit, on the train when I’d realized I’d forgotten my passport and upon arrival. After an epically long day of walking around, I was situated in my room late in the day. Each door is outfitted with a small table and on this day in particular empty glasses with dried oranges…. I’d thought all of my neighbors had done shots and I’d just missed the party. Nope, just some happy hour negroni promo. Pretty cute.

The mirrors asked you out on dates throughout the hotel.

The bed was wickedly cozy. Perfect for lounging, watching 90 day fiance in German, or whatever else one might do in a hotel bed.

Cutie seating area perfect for luggage or a shopping haul.

While there was no fridge in the room, there was a giant carafe, perfect for refilling with the hall’s water source (bubbly or not). The coffee bar was also outside the room which made for a weird, lazy Sunday morning situation. No shame, I visited it three times in my robe.

The bathroom was split, toilet in one space, shower in the other. I’m sure this is pleasant to clean.

Lovely large shower and L’Occitane products. What more could a gal want?

The culprit of how to meet your neighbors in their underpants…if the bar didn’t do that for you the night prior.

Oh, like you thought I wouldn’t try the sale negroni? This one was grapefruit and kicked off a cold stroll to dinner. (Who didn’t have my reservation!) I should have just stayed put here. Nomad, you might be on the roam, but I look forward to coming back to you.


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