Hôtel Le Sud

The highlight of my summer was discovering the very Instagrammable Hotel Le Sud and committing the only Swiss long weekend of the summer to exploring the Cote d’Azur with it as basecamp. Located between the Juan-les-Pins nightlife and the beach, it was well-suited to be far enough away from the action, but an easy stroll to everything, including Antibes and the train station.

The entryway noted that it had everything I needed.

The small, but charming courtyard that I’d seen in photos was just as delightful in real life, even if the pool water was freezing.

The spot that we chose for breakfast on day one even featured a lemon tree, reaching out wanting to be plucked.

The manager was so kind to feed us breakfast when we arrived. He started with complimentary coffee and pastries and ended with fruit and yogurt. You had to preorder brekky the day before, so this felt exceptionally above and beyond.

Nearly as cheerful as breakfast, everywhere you turned was a fun juxtaposition of patterns and colors, the perfect sensory experience for a boho chic beach vibe. This bar nook is exactly want I’d like my beach house dining area to emulate.

The boho chic vibe extended outside.

Each hallway featured handpainted tiles. My favorites included this sunny hotel logo.

And this nip slip into a pile of lemons. Not exactly certain why, but I feel like I can really relate.

I nip slipped into the room which was also lemon themed- perfect as not all were.

The room was spacious enough for two, but fairly minimal in amenities. However, for a basic beach hotel you’re paying $90 a night for, it was perfect. (And had aircon!)

There was a small desk, that after relocating the lamp, phone, and tray o’ thangs, worked well for an actual workspace.

The bathroom was rather large, and true to it’s basic kind was missing a bit of lotion, though nothing a nip to the pharmacy couldn’t fix.

The shower was its own cave with a very nice rainfall of spicy water.

In the room, the closet was the odd location for a tea kettle…. and not pictured, a small safe and luggage rack.

Even before I left, I was already mentally preparing my next stay at Hotel Le Sud. I’m hesitant to even write about it as it is such a gem with the loveliest staff. Look forward to seeing you all soon…maybe for the area’s citrus festival!?


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