Oglebay- The Cabins

Chestnut was the name of the first family cabin adventure. This was rather fitting as the Swiss eat all the chestut flavored desserts, so it felt like a new world old world mashup that I was very here for. My family aren’t really big cabin folk, so we reented a four bedroom one that ultimately ended up being for three of us with a few evening guests (and families of deer) sprinkled in for a good ole, rustic time.

The four bedrooms each looked identical, outfitted in floor to ceiling wood planks, what one would call a termite’s delight. While the common areas of the cabin were clean, the bedrooms felt a little dusty (and cobwebby), but nothing a little red wine couldn’t make you forgot that you might be swallowing an arachnid in your sleep.

See, these are two different rooms- I bet you couldn’t even tell the difference! The cement shade of bedspread helps to keep the similarities that much more disinteresting.

The common area was massive and would be an excellent rustic weekend away for a family or group of friends. Or termites.

The two bathrooms were adjacent and included an abundance of towels and any amenity you would expect from a hotel. While they were a little dated, the whole set up was quite nice.

Next time you’re in the Wheeling area skip the family basement couch or haunted Air BnB and rent yourself a lovely cabin. Just remember to pack food for the deer. I’d like to think they eat popcorn, but we hear that apples, carrots, and pears are more to their palate.


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