La Croix Verte- Nyon

Ah, the Croix Verte, the cross of the pharmacy… and what was a less than mediocre Italian restaurant in Nyon. One Sunday evening I found myself alone and without groceries. Since buying food is not an option on this day and most restos are closed, I took one of few options available and revisited the Croix Verte, despite not feeling great after eating there several times previously.

This visit, I am pleased to say, brought a more focused menu than I’d seen in the past. Rather than weird steaks covered in cheese and twelve varieties of ravioli, they focused on pizza now with a few additional items.

I opted for a very pleasant green salad and glass of red that the waiter recommended, that also happened to be the least expensive on the menu. A nice change, and/or he pegged me for cheap. Meh, either way, I won.

For a main, I had the Penne a la Norma. Was it the best thing I’d ever eaten? Absolutely not. Was it spicy the way I was expecting? Nope! Norma served her purpose, allowing me to fill my belly and read outside somewhere beautiful. What more could you want from the Croix Verte? As long as it’s not food poisoning, I will consider this new menu a win.


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