Inhabit- London

On a recent 27 hour trip to London, I opted for ease of everything, paired with a desperate need to be in the city. (My usual LHR Sofitel had been turned into a government quarantine hotel…wheee…). So, it was time for something, or rather to “Inhabit” something new. My friend also booked and we met for a quick evening of drinks, long walks, and dim sum in Chinatown.

We opted for Inhabit, a wellness focused design hotel… While we both were looking for a bar in which to meet, the clean rooms and friendly staff definitely served the purpose for a quick overnight. Best of all, it was just a few minutes walk from Paddington Station and the express train to LHR. All in all, really great place. The only drawback (aside from the missing bar) was that I was glad to be with a male friend when walking back at midnight. The neighborhood didn’t exactly feel unsafe, but at the same time, not a stroll I’d wish to have solo.

That’s neither here nor there when you consider the gorgeous library…

I worked here for a few hours before my room was ready – which they speed cleaned for me when I arrived. As I was hosting a four hour training session that day, I couldn’t have appreciated this gesture more and found it something more than better starred hotels would ever try.

The bookcases in the library were something out of a mid-century modern beach house dream.

A small sidecar lobby offered a sea-toned retreat of relaxation including an egg-shaped meditation chair that overlooked a small yoga studio! (Where’s the bar??)

The bedroom was lovely, clean, and exceptionally small. In order to open my suitcase, I did have to run hurdles over it, but for a crash pad it didn’t matter. The bed and pillows were quite comfy. My only room hangup was that it was right by a fire door that slammed constantly, awakening me on repeat.

There were details that focused on wellness, such as a wooden charging box for phones so that one could sleep in peace.

I worked all day at this narrow desk, but with an abundance of water options from the hall taps. The small stool wasn’t the best, but was worth it for the cotton waffle robes at the day’s end. Again, this is a detail I find far above this class of hotel. Good work.

The strangest bit was the safe that was literally under the center of the bed. Maybe I could reach it, but mostly there was no way that I could read the instructions. I’d have liked to have used it, but I just couldn’t be bothered with the flexibility tests.

The bath was also small, but very clean and with nice details like incense and quality bath products.

Inhabit is truly an excellent Paddington Express routed crash pad. An absolute bargain of cleanliness at 75 GBP, I see this as a regular rotation in my near future.


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