Izizi- Portixol

The Portixol area of Palma de Mallorca was absolutely a delight. Imagine a bike path rounding small inlets from the sea where families congregated, children splashed, and adults sunbathed (topless). Behind the seaside path was a strip of restaurants and bars, the most inviting was a large terraced one called Izizi. Truly, this neighborhood was heaven.

Perched at the perfect seafront table, hidden from the sun but with a full view of the sea, I opted for a gin and tonic with the local bergamot. (OK, so maybe it was so lovely I didn’t want to leave and had two). I read the better part of a novel, truly relaxed, and thought about how lucky I was. How many restaurants can say they will bolster your appreciation for life? Izizi can.

Upon leaving, I wandered through the resto to the back patio that featured coed bathrooms and a swing over a small manmade pond. It was probably for the ‘gram, but it deserved every snap that it received.

Next door was my favorite house in La Palma, maybe anywhere ever? It was so beachy, so clean, so chic. This neighborhood of Portixol was true magic.


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