Plan B- La Palma

On the very first day of our La Palma travel, we stumbled into Plan B, straight off of the beach, opting for small “snacks” that turned out to be patas bravas and a very potato-heavy Spanish tortilla. Potatoes we had covered! It was heavy, but so nice that we opted to return for dinner… during two nights of our trip!

The standout was the house Verdejo and ham croquetas. So satisfying and the agreed upon best snack of our trip. I’m afraid to share how many times we ordered these over the course of five days…

The first dinner, our waiter recommend me the octopus which I will say was good, but heavyyyy. The ocotpus was in this odd (unnecessary) sweet and savory bbq sauce and the potato puree was next level rich. Skip this one if you’re wearing a swimsuit the following day!

The next night we split a pasta (incredible, rich) and this gorgeous pizza of burrata and ham. Pizzas were defo the standout after the croquetas, so you may seem bored with pizza resto after pizza resto, but don’t fear and double down here.

The vibe was beachy chic and felt a little like Bali. The clientele seemed to be a mix of locals, friends of the staff, and tourists and I can’t recommend this place enough for a low-key, somewhat off of the beaten path meal.


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